New Day

Our Approach

Our philosophy is to provide the solution structure for every company, big or small. We give our clients the tools they need to be as efficient as possible. As we know, efficiency is the key to delivering cost savings directly to the bottom line. Blockchain provides the tech, we put it work for you.

Our Story

As with most great businesses, Calix Solutions began with a passion. The passion to learn about Blockchain Technology. It started with Bitcoin and continues to accelerate. In fact, our passion has grown to include other Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Decentralized Ledger technologies. From the very beginning, we saw that Blockchain Technology would revolutionize the world. Now we are helping lead the industry of Blockchain adoption and implementation into the business world.

Meet the Team

Ben Semchee


Ben has been actively involved in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency since 2015. He has been evangelizing in the space on a YouTube channel for over 3 years now.

(636) 891-3073

Patrick Condon


Patrick has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2016. He has also owned an integrated marketing agency for nearly a decade.

(314) 614-7125

Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you’re interested in bringing us in to manage a project, we’ll be glad to listen to what you need and provide a quote. Contact Us