Our Story

Calix Solutions provides our clients with the opportunity to take full advantage of what Blockchain technology has to offer. That runs the gambit from educating you about what’s available to implementing either off-the-shelf products or a customized full-blown blockchain, smart contract integrated solution with decentralized ledgers.


Blockchain 101

We can provide you with the information you need to get comfortable talking about blockchain, understanding its application to your business as well as talking about how smart contract can close the loop not only from an efficiency perspective but administratively, too. This service can be the means for you to start to see how this technology can be applied to your everyday needs.


Analysis & Determination

Calix Solutions will meet with you to gather information and get a solid understanding of your organizational needs and learn about your operational flow. We’ll discuss your philosophy, objectives, and plans. Calix Solutions will help identify the challenges and opportunities based on strengths and weaknesses. We will provide you with potential solutions based on that analysis as well as your timelines, if that presents an immediate need.

Based on the Analysis, Calix Solution will determine what blockchain technology is appropriate to get you where you want to be. It can be an off-the-shelf cadre of applications keeping costs within your budget while simultaneously delivering the solution required to meet your goals. We can also identify the path to a customized solution if that will solve the challenges your company faces.



Based on your approval of our Analysis & Determination Service, we would implement the solution best suited for your company’s needs. With either an off-the-shelf or customized solution with tailored coding, we will make certain your company has technology in place to take you where you had only dreamed of going.

Next Steps…

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